“I Am Healthy, Wealthy and Wise”

Breaking Pattern Behaviors

  “It took another few years, after learning to stop using certain self-sabotaging words and actions, to begin filling in the blanks with new habits and vocabulary.”

Eliminating negative words and phrases from our self-talk and general speaking, changes the matrix in which we live in and the way we experience our lives. E-motion is a film that shows us how to simply, remove energy blocks that are lodged in our DNA and Chakra system, throughout our entire body.

Once We Feel – We’re Free

Yekra Player

Yekra is a revolutionary new distribution network for feature films.


Imagine a world where the trapped emotions, fears, anxieties and unprocessed life experiences we hold in our bodies are the source of everything that ails us. That’s the world we live in.

Now, imagine a world where everyone is manifesting from their heart the perfect creation that’s inside each of us. Imagine a world where abundance, inner peace, longevity and loving relationships abound. Imagine emotion experts from around the world sharing their wisdom and negative emotion clearing techniques to light a new pathway for humanity. Imagine we are sacred, spiritual beings here for a much larger reason, serving a much higher purpose, a divine purpose. That’s where we’re going…

It IS Possible