Learning to Read the Moon Chart

On the upper row, we see drop down menus for the date. Enter today’s date then, click sync. Use dd/mm/yyyy format when entering the date. The first column is the day, the second column is for the month, and the third is for the year. Now, click the sync button.

Syncing the date, will darken the correct box on the calendar chart below for today’s Moon date on the 13 Month calendar. Click on that box, to read what it says about the day.

If you read the inspiring messages that go along with the day’s co-ordinances, you may find that it resonates very closely with the energetic pulls that the moon has on each of us, and teaches us to know better, what (watt) to expect.

“Space weather” is as pertinent to the Earth’s weather as any force of Nature could be. The 13 Moons more accurately sync up with what’s happening with our neighboring planets and galaxies in the Universe.

Earlier civilizations used space guidance of the stars, moon and the universe to know when to migrate in seasons and harvest or find food, which also grows in seasons. I imagine this glitch is where, we may have fared better to have made that proverbial left at Albuquerque. :) Because we have grocery stores, and pizza available all year long, we do not rotate our diets with the seasonal foods as nature intended. (We talk more about nutrition on another page.)

Although we still may not be able to predict the exact weather forecasts, get do get close enough in range to narrow it down within a few degrees of temperatures for the day. We also know enough to recognize the coming seasons and when to wear a jacket for the winter. The moon and stars collaborate well together in letting us know of the more esoteric or “god-like” things of nature. Knowing this, helps us to better understand our own planet and position within the galaxies. There is a greater existence that we hold, beyond our cities here. … We hold a place in the Universe.

Today’s date is

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Kin 208

I Endure in order to Beautify
Transcending Art
I seal the store of Elegance
With the Cosmic tone of Presence
I am guided by the power of free will

Castle: Wavespell: Yellow Warrior


We touch down briefly.

And then continue on in persevering truth, love, courage and gratitude.

I began a novel about the alien playground on Earth. The “melting pot” of every kind. But not every body is kind.

We can only stay true to ourselves. We are born into ourselves, and then taught that we should be something else. We fear ourselves, because we are taught it is wrong, unacceptable or bad. It isn’t any thing. It’s intelligence and advancement in Spirit, technology, ease of living, peace of mind and every thing we seek from the heart.

We display the opposite of how we feel, so we see the opposite of what we hope to be. We see the opposite of watt we want to create. We continue to want it, instead of seeing we are in it. It is as simple as changing the dial on the channel. That’s the mirrored fun house of life that isn’t all ways so fun. But it always works. Try it.

Give it out – bring it in – let it go – do it again – talk about it – breathe it in,
It, is our life.

Even though something may have been lost or removed, we still feel the “ghost” or phantom feelings of that which is no more. We still feel things that aren’t there. We remember, but can still walk… better than that, we can fly.

“Amazing Grays, How sweet the sound, That saved a wretch, like me.”


She was a Princess at large, he was a condemned King of the Grays. Unstoppable together, formed by man’s experiments, their escape caused a hidden civil war on the streets of the USA. This catches the attention of the cleaners. With mass reproduction of the Reptiles beneath New York City, they now threaten the lives of not only Earth and her inhabitants, but of the planets inhabited by the Grays, as humans are their larvae.

The same as the Sea Turtle, who does not lay her eggs on the ocean bottom, lest her children die. Instead, she buries them deeply in the sand, along the secluded shores of the sea. Once hatched, they make their own way to the safety of the Ocean’s waters and their natural habitat; swimming away to their new lives. Their numbers begin to reduce in their first journey towards the sea, as the hungry Sea Gulls have been planning this feast all year, and feed on as many turtles as they can catch along the way. This is nature. Even the planning by the gulls to wait around for a meal; this is also nature. However, when the Gulls decide to steal the eggs, mass reproduce them, eat all of the young, and build grocery stores for the sale of other species for food and profit, is not Nature’s way.

To have a Bear devour a Bee’s hive for honey, is even pardonable by nature; as the Bear will eat the entirety of the honey leaving nothing behind of the hive. But the Bear does not enslave and rape nor otherwise threaten the entire existence of the colony of Bees.

The Gray Species, as referred to by Earthlings, who are of the Orion Chapter, use the Earth to inseminate their human-eggs. Once their children have reached maturity and can survive in their own natural habitat, the changelings are taken home. Much like the butterfly, the human body is their cocoon. Once at home in their own galaxy, they are relocated as adults onto their own planets and to continue life forming their own galaxies. Where they become the Kings, Queens and rulers of their created Sectors. This is the way the Universe is built and operates.

This is also what has become the premise for the Bible stories and prophesies circulating the Earth of an awaited Heaven for the humans, following their transformation. Since the Reptiles gained power in the political sectors of the human incubation matrix, they have taught the human larvae that, their own mutation and transformation is their death. Twisted stories of humanities true destiny confuses the Earth larvae into believing they can stay on Earth to prosper as humans. Once the human sells out to money and the, “Prosperity on Earth” idea, then Reptiles have gained legal and Universal right to inhabit the human’s body by permission and through virus. Keeping the human on the planet, while drowning them internally. With the reptile hosted inside the human body, a slow embalming-like effect occurs on the larva’s internal organs. Starting in the intestinal tract and working its way through the entire body as the human host begins to die a slow death, caused by the reptile’s own vital fluids. Unnoticeable to humans, it is passed off as a natural death by their Reptilian Medical Standards, which are now in place on Earth and the reptiles continue to feed on the humans.

Tears are the cleansing salt water of our soul.

So many people in this world – And I found you.

Looking at me, your eyes were I all I could see passed the crowd, passed the noise, passed all pain of the past that we’ve ever known.

Tears of love and joy are the only expression that’s close enough to the love I feel for you. This requires my body and soul to express it, every time. My lips cannot have all the glory alone of saying I love you. Every day. In every way possible and until the end of time, which is never, which makes forever, in our eternal love. I love you. I’ll be here forever for you. So today, we do, watt we’ve always done.

And that’s Love
That’s the Love of One

Cue: A Lesson from Cockroaches

Moving into our new, older home, we encountered a few unexpected visitors. Cockroaches are as old as the planet itself and show up uninvited, everywhere! We had some road construction going on up the street, that dug up some unwanted pests and so… let the battles begin, right? Touché!

kill Cockroach

Licensed from: ponsulak / yayimages.com

After going through a can of Raid, we were still having the few stragglers showing around the water areas in the kitchen. I searched online for home remedies that are non-toxic for my pets and safe for the environment. I didn’t want to go through another can of pesticide chemicals in the house.

The first idea I found, worked like a charm. The second idea worked even better! It got rid of them on-the-spot and even faster than with Raid, which costs a lot and is bad for our air and breathing. Besides, I’m beginning to think Raid may have become the roaches’ current drug-of-choice. ^_^  Below, are the two alternate solutions that I found helpful.

Option 1: Use a spray bottle filled about half-way, with a liquid soap and diluted with water. 1:1 Ratio. I used about half a spray bottle full of each liquid. Mix it so it is somewhat thick and slimy, but spray-able. It kills the roach almost instantly. Cockroaches breathe from underneath their hard outer shell in the belly area of their body. By coating the roaches underbelly with soap, it suffocates them and they die very rapidly. If you’re only spraying it on top of them, and they’re on the run, they can keep going and even recover from, “drowning” them with the spray. It has to get on the underbelly because, that’s where they breathe.

This soapy solution was an effective alternative. It’s readily available in most households so, economically, it was a completely affordable solution because, I already had the spray bottle, the dish soap and water available for no out-of-pocket costs. If you don’t have a spray bottle handy, they are easily found in the dollar stores for $1.00. However, it wasn’t as effective and as fast as the next option, plus, I didn’t like using up all my dish soap on these pests.

So, I tried Option 2:
This time, I filled the spray bottle about half full with white vinegar and the other half with water. It killed them instantly, even on the run. Better than Raid, because it’s safe around the house and pets. It also cleans everything as I wipe it down, as well. The odor of vinegar isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever had to put up with, but it only lasts for a few minutes, and then wears down to unnoticeable. With the counters and baseboards having the clean smell of vinegar on them, also quickly discouraged the roaches from returning. No more jumping out of my skin in the middle of the night, frightened by a bug and no more chasing them around the toaster. They were entirely gone in about week.

Both sprays kept my kitchen counters and tile super clean! Real competition for my once favorited, Lysol brand cleaning products. I knew vinegar was useful in so many ways around the house, but this was a new addition to the list of things I already use it for. The roaches got the hint, and I over-came. :) This is not, the roach motel. … lol

Black Cockroach

Licensed from: lantapix / yayimages.com

… And just when I thought, I’d heard it all: VEGAN ROACHES?

If a cockroach isn’t interested in having it for lunch, should we be? What do these insects know about our table foods that, we do not? I noticed something about them, as I fought them out of my kitchen for about 6 weeks; On a couple of occasions, something would be left out on the counter or a crumb of something would be over-looked and they’d come and get it.

A spot of tomato sauce, maybe 2 mm wide, splashed off the stove and they found it on the wall. ( and, that’s how I found them -smash! lol) yuck.
There was a piece of cut-up potato that jumped out of the frying pan and was left behind on the stove, they came out for that.
If I made a salad, this was awful… and went into the living room to eat before cleaning up the prep area, several would be out on the counter and in the lettuce within minutes, even in broad daylight.

Usually, I’d only catch one or two out roaming the counters, spotting for something to eat in the middle of the night. They also ate the bread crumbs from making a sandwich. But, anything processed, boxed, prepared or even a meat product… hamburger, chicken, pizza, cereal… not a single roach it sight. Not in the sugar, not on the cat food… not on anything in the house, except vegetables (primarily; leafy greens).

We watch with wonder, and learn from nature. :)