“Amazing Grays, How sweet the sound, That saved a wretch, like me.”


She was a Princess at large, he was a condemned King of the Grays. Unstoppable together, formed by man’s experiments, their escape caused a hidden civil war on the streets of the USA. This catches the attention of the cleaners. With mass reproduction of the Reptiles beneath New York City, they now threaten the lives of not only Earth and her inhabitants, but of the planets inhabited by the Grays, as humans are their larvae.

The same as the Sea Turtle, who does not lay her eggs on the ocean bottom, lest her children die. Instead, she buries them deeply in the sand, along the secluded shores of the sea. Once hatched, they make their own way to the safety of the Ocean’s waters and their natural habitat; swimming away to their new lives. Their numbers begin to reduce in their first journey towards the sea, as the hungry Sea Gulls have been planning this feast all year, and feed on as many turtles as they can catch along the way. This is nature. Even the planning by the gulls to wait around for a meal; this is also nature. However, when the Gulls decide to steal the eggs, mass reproduce them, eat all of the young, and build grocery stores for the sale of other species for food and profit, is not Nature’s way.

To have a Bear devour a Bee’s hive for honey, is even pardonable by nature; as the Bear will eat the entirety of the honey leaving nothing behind of the hive. But the Bear does not enslave and rape nor otherwise threaten the entire existence of the colony of Bees.

The Gray Species, as referred to by Earthlings, who are of the Orion Chapter, use the Earth to inseminate their human-eggs. Once their children have reached maturity and can survive in their own natural habitat, the changelings are taken home. Much like the butterfly, the human body is their cocoon. Once at home in their own galaxy, they are relocated as adults onto their own planets and to continue life forming their own galaxies. Where they become the Kings, Queens and rulers of their created Sectors. This is the way the Universe is built and operates.

This is also what has become the premise for the Bible stories and prophesies circulating the Earth of an awaited Heaven for the humans, following their transformation. Since the Reptiles gained power in the political sectors of the human incubation matrix, they have taught the human larvae that, their own mutation and transformation is their death. Twisted stories of humanities true destiny confuses the Earth larvae into believing they can stay on Earth to prosper as humans. Once the human sells out to money and the, “Prosperity on Earth” idea, then Reptiles have gained legal and Universal right to inhabit the human’s body by permission and through virus. Keeping the human on the planet, while drowning them internally. With the reptile hosted inside the human body, a slow embalming-like effect occurs on the larva’s internal organs. Starting in the intestinal tract and working its way through the entire body as the human host begins to die a slow death, caused by the reptile’s own vital fluids. Unnoticeable to humans, it is passed off as a natural death by their Reptilian Medical Standards, which are now in place on Earth and the reptiles continue to feed on the humans.


Tears are the cleansing salt water of our soul.

So many people in this world – And I found you.

Looking at me, your eyes were I all I could see passed the crowd, passed the noise, passed all pain of the past that we’ve ever known.

Tears of love and joy are the only expression that’s close enough to the love I feel for you. This requires my body and soul to express it, every time. My lips cannot have all the glory alone of saying I love you. Every day. In every way possible and until the end of time, which is never, which makes forever, in our eternal love. I love you. I’ll be here forever for you. So today, we do, watt we’ve always done.

And that’s Love
That’s the Love of One


Cue: A lesson from Cockroaches

Moving into our new, older home, we encountered a few unexpected visitors. Cockroaches are as old as the planet itself and show up uninvited, everywhere! We had some road construction up the street that dug up some varmints and so… let the battles begin! Right? Touché!

After going through a can of Raid, we were still having the few stragglers show up in the kitchen area. Mostly around the water and sink areas. I looked online for home remedies that are non-toxic for my pets and the environment’s sake, I didn’t want another can of pesticide chemicals in the house.

The first idea worked like a charm, and the second idea worked even better! Got rid of them on the spot and even faster than with Raid, which costs a lot and I’m beginning to think might be their current drug-of-choice, anyway… ^_^

Option 1: Spray bottle with liquid soap in it, diluted with water. I used about half a spray bottle full of liquid dish soap & water. Mixed so that it’s slimy, but spray-able. It kills the roach almost instantly, by covering its underbelly with soap, it suffocates and dies very rapidly. Spraying it on top of them though, if they’re on the run, they can keep going and even recover from, “drowning” them with the spray. It has to get on the underbelly, that’s where they breathe. An effective alternative but, not as effective and as fast as the next option.

Option 2: Spray bottle about half full of white vinegar and the other half water. Kills them dead, on the spot. Just like Raid. No questions asked, no chasing them around the toaster.

Both sprays really kept my counters and tile clean, too! Real competition for the Lysol products. The roaches eventually got the hint and I over-came. This is NOT, the roach motel. … lol

Just when I think I’ve heard it all, VEGAN ROACHES!?

If a cockroach won’t eat it… What do these insects know about our table foods that we do not? I noticed something about them, as I fought them out of my kitchen for about 6 weeks. On a couple of occasions, something would be left out on the counter or a crumb of something would be over-looked and they’d come and get it.

A spot of tomato sauce, maybe 2 mm wide, splashed off the stove and they found it. There was a piece of cut-up potato that jumped out of the frying pan and got left behind on the burner, and they came out for that. If I made a salad, this was awful… and went into the living room to eat before cleaning up the prep area, several would be out on the counter and in the lettuce within minutes, even in broad daylight.

Usually, I’d only catch one or two out roaming the counters, spotting for something to eat in the middle of the night. They also ate the bread crumbs from making a sandwich. But anything processed, boxed, prepared, or even a meat product… hamburger or chicken, pizza, cereal… not a roach it sight. Not in the sugar, not on the cat food… not on anything in the house, except vegetables (primarily leafy greens).


Serpent Healing

Wanna know why I won’t quit smoking cigs? Because.

Ever since I was 11 years old, if I was doing what I was supposed to be doing, then I had cash in my pocket to grab a cig, when I’m stressin’. Never mind the fact that they raise my blood pressure and are killing me, so does the air I breathe, and my family.

Tobacco is the only thing, (Thanks, Marlboro, for the 38 yr. love/hate relationship.) that has consistently stayed or lasted longer than anyone or anything else has in my life, besides me, of course.

That’s because, Marlboro appreciates my dedication to it. Therefore, cigarettes have proven to be the only reliable ‘friend’ I have on Earth.

The Devil truly does God’s work. <3

So… I guess they’re still my best friend. Besides myself and my grandma, who I miss so much. I’ve never let me down, yet. I’ve been sorely hurt and disappointed in myself, that things don’t work out like I planned, but I’ve always pulled myself through.

And so do you… or you wouldn’t be here.

So why is it so different now? We do what we’re supposed to do, and still, we have no cash in our pockets.

I just smoked my last cigarette.

You can attribute the long lasting relationship I have with tobacco, to addiction, and say I have no values, but what is it when people stay in abusive or condescending relationships?

My compulsive and repetitive findings of toxic relationships had me in the counselors offices for a many number of years, and later the start of a book, that I haven’t finished writing yet, but I think I finally found my last chapter.

Then, I went to college. I learned that, this is a behavioral pattern.

Then, I learned the causes.

Then, I looked up at the nation and saw that it is not only my family that is affected, but every family on the planet.

“A house divided cannot stand.”

Who is it that separates and devours? And who is it, that has a free Will?

If their were only three people left on the planet, that were not infected with a rabid virus… the zombie apocalypse scenario coming at’cha, and you were one of the three… would you recognize the other two, or would you defend yourself to the end?

“Meat Pies!” I hear ringing out in my head, from the Johnny Depp film, “Sweeney Todd”

Deceived and so angry, he kills the only thing he was killing for…

Reiki Symbol Fire Serpent


Emotional Healing


Nothing’s free, not even your mind. There’s prices to pay everywhere. It’s just where you decide to spend it.”


Shattered Dreams

What’s missing?

Loved ones.

You mean the ones who hated you?


Learning and accepting still hurts and leaves a void for family and lost loved ones. In the United States more than 60% of families are divided. Fatherless children everywhere. This is the structure of our existence. Humans are pack animals. Nobody likes to be alone or lonely without someone to share love with.

Even the Alpha Lion, King of the Jungle, does not sit alone, but sits and gazes over all his offspring. Making sure no others come in to harm them. But he’s not alone.

I wish America’s families had something left to them. Divorce Hurts Everyone. Especially the children.


More Bang for the Buck

Meteor ShowerWe’ve all grown quite a bit this last year. 2014 – I have to admit, I am hard to impress. But this last year completely blew my mind. Several times, in fact. That in itself, blows my mind.

Mental explosions everywhere.

It would be YEARS in between the times I noted to myself that something impressed me, or touched my heart or soul at a deep level. … And today, it feels more common than rare. The once Gem, is now the pebble… stones on the river.

We walk on jewels. Streets paved with gold. Haha yeah, a whole lot of tax dollars built those roads, that used to be backed by gold, does that count?

Or is that the heaven we read about? Is that our final destination? To the home we’ve been trying to shoot out of the sky, because we do not recognize it?

UFO: Where they harvest all the gold from earth then take it there, that being our heaven, we’ll walk on streets paved of gold, or so they say, but then, when someone, (alien) to us comes down from heaven to harvest our gold, we become offended.

Maybe the primitives had better gods, because when they showed up from heaven, the primitives didn’t try to shoot them down… but called them god, and worshiped them in reverence and thanks for bringing them wisdom and knowledge.

For giving us pointers and guidelines on what food is safe to eat, (kosher) and what is not (GMO Modified)



Color Therapy: Green

Green Heart 5th Chakra-Anahata www.stylingsofdonna.com

Fluorescent or Mint

Helps our digestive tract and spleen. Filters blood as a part of the immune system. Recycles old red blood cells, stores white blood cells and platelets. Fights pneumonia and meningitis bacteria.

Chakra Mandalas (5)

Our 5th Energy Chakra Anahata – The Heart

Symbol of fertility, green was the choice of color of wedding gowns in the 15th Century. Representing Nature, good luck and the natural world. A Four Leaf Clover, a “Green Thumb”.

“Green with Envy” – Green relieves stress and alleviates jealousy. Green soothes the heart and promotes peace and tranquility. Green helps us to relax. Guests waiting to appear on Television, wait in a green room.

Green can also improve reading. Laying a transparent sheet of green paper over reading material, increases reading speed and comprehension.


To Hijab or Not to Hijab, Has Become a New Health Question, to Me

I’ve been a Registered Dental Assistant for over 30 years. I practiced in the dental offices for 18 yrs.

  Wearing a face mask became like part of my body. I would even forget occasionally, and leave the office with one draped around my neck until I arrived at home. People were so accustomed to seeing me in a mask, that it was hardly noticed.

  It wasn’t always so. In the 1980’s when I began dental assisting, we had no gloves, we had no masks, and if we placed on a pair of gloves (or a mask) back then, it insulted our patients.

  Quite different and extremely opposite from now in the dental office.

  Enough so, that they would mention it with passion. They weren’t, “dirty or infected!” they’d say. So, my standard response became, “But what if I am?”

  They never really complained after that and I assured them we were all immunized, tested and free of contagious disease. However, changing their perspective to make them think that perhaps someone in the health industry isn’t so healthy, made them more responsive to us wearing protective gear in order to also protect them, and not only ourselves. Naivety and misplaced trust can really hurt us sometimes.

Walking around with one on now, as part of my wardrobe and everywhere I go, is looking like a better and better option each day.

Smog Masks

  I’ve been fighting a scratchy throat and cough for months and months. Taking too many antibiotics or over the counter pills is not a good option for my body’s health. Each day I manage symptoms with herbs, room humidifiers, inhalers, marijuana to clear my congestion and so on. However, I’m still seemingly just treading water as far as my health is concerned and fear of slipping into a serious respiratory problem has become one of my daily attentions.

  A few days ago, it was as if I could actually feel the particles in the air that I am breathing. When I looked it up online, I see that our air quality has diminished globally. I also see that the governments and politicians are not going to be the answer.

  Accepting that this is going to be a thing now, for the rest of my life… hey, there’s got to be a solution. If not, then we are all damned to die a slow death at the hands of corporate emissions that, “frankly Scarlet, do not give a damn.”

  So, in desperation and after coughing for about 10 minutes – over and over, you know, eh-hem! cough-cough! Trying to clear a dry throat. I grabbed a cotton sheet and cut out a face mask and put it on. The coughing stopped immediately.

  I know that too much humidity in our lungs can cause them to become wet. That dark, warm and wet atmosphere is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, and even though we are in a very dry climate, having too much moisture in the air from humidifiers can also cause further complications.

  What is the answer?

  I thought since the cloth worked so well and I because I am so asthmatic that, maybe I will wear a new fashion from the Middle East or Asia. Besides the smog masks we see every winter to protect us from the flu and other viruses, there are the face veils on women which would seem to serve two purposes. Obvious filtering of air particles is one of them. As a cultural concern, it is mostly a religious thing to cover your head, like the Jewish caps or a Rabbi’s white collar. I wouldn’t want to offend or be perceived incorrectly but, if it were left to shear fashion, the Middle Eastern and Asian ladies have us far beat for gorgeous materials for their dresses and hijabs.

  So I’ve begun to shop online for something of fashion to cover my mouth and nose better, everyday.

  The blue health masks are very inexpensive, so that was my first fix. (I have one on now, they just aren’t all that in fashion – but neither is coughing).

  The scarves and bulky clothing only work in cold weather, so here in Southern California, I’m looking for something more efficient and comfortable to wear indoors or out and while doing normal activities.

~I’m thinking, hijab and I’m thinking hemp.

Here’s to fashionably better breathing.


Drawing Nearer to yOur Destiny

Dawning of the Age

There’s a reason for everything, that’s what they say. I find most of the reasons I’m looking for, don’t exist anyway; Neither time nor coincidence.

When life begins to test our skills, it’s because we’ve reached a point in our advancement in which we are ready to display our talents. Our talent of creation.

Taken for granted by some, ignored by others, life demands to see what we’re made of. Manipulation maneuvers no longer work for those, who have played under handed.

It’s hard to expect, without inspecting our sanity, to destroy a structure then find peace and an inhabitable living among the rubble left behind.Draw Nearer to yOur Destiny www.stylingsofdonna.com